PE 80 Natural Gas Pipes

PE 80 Natural Gas Pipes

Inkor Natural Gas Pipes and Fittings

INKOR GROUP attaches importance to the safety of the natural gas system and manufactures PE80 natural gas pipes according to international quality standards. Because Inkor PE80 natural gas pipes can be bent and they do not rust. POLYETHYLENE PIPE is light and has a wide variety of fasteners. It is also not affected by the impact because it is made from a very durable material. With these features POLYETHYLENE PIPE is cheaply installed, does not require repair and is long lasting.

İNKOR uses raw materials in natural gas pipelines, world standards and produces at world standards.

The raw material used by Inkor Group for the production of natural gas pipes is PE80 (MRS: 8 MPa, HDPE). Pipes used for natural gas transportation in our company are produced between 020 and 0500 mm. The fact that the connecting elements are useful during the laying and that the variety is not affected by the scratches and cracks is superior to this raw material. With electrofusion fittings used in natural gas systems, it is possible to obtain kitchen and long time sealing. The quality of a chain depends on the strength of each ring forming the chain.

In the pipe system, the weakest points are the connection points; especially if a long-term pressure seal is required. The quality of the pipe surface also depends on the strength of the joints. The "Pipe Welding System" used by Inkor guarantees maximum safety in areas where absolute and long-term sealing is required, such as in pressure pipes or waste water pipes used for natural gas and water transport. Because in a subject that requires rigor, such as natural gas, safety is more important than everything. Inkor knows this